Price List

About Windows Version
The software can be installed on multiple PCs, and calculations can be performed with a USB memory stick-shaped protection key inserted.
Price includes tools pre-post.
This configuration allows for input such as mesh creation, calculations, and output such as images.
It is also useful to have spreadsheet software because it outputs numerical values in CSV files.
Prices vary depending on the maximum number of parallelization.
All prices are exclusive of tax.

→The greater the parallelization, the faster the calculation.
The number of parallelization at the time of calculation is less than or equal to the number of cores in the PC and less than or equal to the maximum number of parallelization.
For example, a 4-parallel software can be computed in 4 parallel on an 8-core PC, but only 2 parallel on a 2-core PC.

Please contact us for configurations not listed in the table.
It is also available for sale in USD.

New Purchase Price

Product\ Maximum Number of Parallels4 Parallel20 Parallel88 Parallel
ELF/MAGIC         2,000,000 yen3,000,000 yen4,000,000 yen
ELFIN          2,000,000 yen3,000,000 yen4,000,000 yen
ELF/MAGIC + ELF/BEAM  2,200,000 yen3,300,000 yen4,400,000 yen
ELF/MAGIC + ELFIN    3,000,000 yen4,500,000 yen6,000,000 yen

●Prices are current as of January 2023.
●There is a limit to the number of jobs that can be calculated simultaneously.
●The price includes Tools pre-post.
●ELF/BEAM is included with ELFIN.
●Includes one year of upgrade support after purchase.

Software update price

Product\ Maximum Number of Parallels4 Parallel20 Parallel88 Parallel
ELF/MAGIC       300,000 yen450,000 yen600,000 yen
ELFIN       300,000 yen450,000 yen600,000 yen
ELF/MAGIC + ELF/BEAM330,000 yen495,000 yen660,000 yen
ELF/MAGIC + ELFIN450,000 yen675,000 yen900,000 yen

● Software (maintenance) renewal contracts are for one-year terms.
●This renewal contract is required for version upgrades and support after the second year of purchase.
●If the software renewal contract is not continued and the contract is resumed, the software renewal fee is required for the uncontracted period.

(Service Description)
●Technical support by E-mail in response to inquiries regarding the use of the software.
●Providing the latest version of the software when the software is upgraded.
●Exchange of the hardware protection key (dongle) for a new dongle when the dongle malfunctions.

Operating conditions

1. Windows(64bit)

OSWindows 10、Windows 11
Memory32GB or more recommended
CPUIntel cpu recommended, AVX2,AVX-512 compatible cpu recommended
Hard disk100GB or more

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