The ELF series includes a variety of pre- and post-processing tools.
IEmesh , MaiEditor3 : data creation tools.
Wmap3 : drawing tool.
MagFilter2 : result extraction tool.
ELF/Bench : a simple shell for the ELF series.

Geometry Data Creation Tool  IEmesh

IEmesh is a tool for creating geometry data (nodes and elements) for the ELF series.

Enter the script by looking at the command filter or hint view, add one line, press the button to refresh the View screen, and check the model geometry.
The procedure for creating the model is saved as a script.

Once you get used to it, you can create models very quickly.
We have also prepared a mode that allows even first-time users to create models easily.

IEmesh ≫

Physical Properties and Calculation Control Data Generation Tool MaiEditor3

MaiEditor3 is a tool for creating property and calculation control data for ELF/MAGIC,ELFIN and ELF/BEAM.

Tools for drawing calculation results  Wmap3

Wmap3 is a tool that reads geometry files (meg) and result files (mag) and draws the model geometry, vectors and contour lines of the calculation results.

Result value extraction tool MagFilter2(csv,txt)

MagFilter2 can extract the necessary data from the calculation result file (mag).

Simple shell for ELF series  ELF/Bench

ELF/Bench is a tool that organizes files and improves work efficiency.
You can perform batch processing or register pre- and post-calculation processing.

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